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Oral Diagnosis And Biopsy in Spring, TX - 77388

These include areas around and inside the mouth (such as the lips, gums, hard and soft palate, and the tongue) as well as outside the mouth (the skin, muscles and glands in the neck, and the temporomandibular joint).

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Although the majority of oral lesions are benign, a biopsy is done if there is any possibility that the growth could be cancerous or precancerous. A biopsy may be performed in the office or a hospital, depending on how much tissue is required. Typically, the procedure requires only local anesthesia, and it doesn’t take long. We use self-dissolving sutures for incisions so they don’t need removing.

Because the oral tissues are rich in blood vessels, some bleeding is normal for a period of time afterward. We will provide follow up instructions to help you manage the swelling and discomfort. This includes directions on taking medication, and what to eat and drink. Getting rest and maintaining good oral hygiene helps you also heal quickly. We will provide reports when the pathology report is completed within a few days.




Fibroma, a thickened mass that may feel like a lump in the lining of the mouth.

Leukoplakia, a condition that causes white patches to form inside the mouth. While usually benign, the lesions may be precancerous and are often biopsied.

Lichen Planus, an inflammatory disease that sometimes causes discomfort.
Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid, an autoimmune disease that may cause oral lesions, but is not life-threatening.

“Pregnancy Tumors,” benign red swellings that may form on gum tissue of pregnant women due to hormonal changes.

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The Odds of Getting Oral Cancer

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Rates of oral cancer are on the rise in the United States and around the world. More adults are getting oral cancer, and it is affecting people at a younger age than ever before. Making yourself aware of the odds of getting this disease can help encourage you to seek routine screenings which aid in early detection and successful treatment. Oral Surgery Procedures Spring, TX - Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies, Best Oral Surgeons Near Me in Spring, TX

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Experts report that the high death toll associated with oral cancer isn’t because the disease is particularly deadly, but because it often goes undetected for too long. During your routine dental checkups, your dentists will always check for the most common warning signs of oral cancer to help catch it as early as possible. Between your biannual visits, keep an eye out for these common warning signs of oral cancer:


Lesions or sores that do not heal after two weeks


Discolored areas (white, pink, red) in the mouth, Rough patches


Lumps or bumps in or around the mouth, A change in the tone of voice, Any other irregularities in the mouth.

Oral Surgery Procedures Spring, TX - Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies, Best Oral Surgeons Near Me in Spring, TX

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Trust your smile to the most caring doctor in Spring! We welcome new and returning patients. Oral Surgery Procedures Spring, TX - Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies, Best Oral Surgeons Near Me in Spring, TX

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